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El Sope Running Track, Chapultepec


Pista el Sope Chapultepec

The El Sope running track is probably the second most important running area after only the Viveros de Coyoacán. More than a thousand runners take to the circuit every day, year round. Part of the reason is that it’s in Chapultepec park, and you simply can’t get much more beautiful.

The circuit includes mostly chipped clay track, and there are multiple elevations and slopes. There’s also a speed track and a route through the many fountains in the area. A warm-up area is provided for stretching and limbering up. And the entire circuit is well marked for runners in multiple lanes.

The surround area is the site of organized activities – zumba and yoga among them. International visitors will appreciate being able to take in more of the park. Chapultepec’s section 2 is famous, perhaps above all, for being much less crowded. That means, its few museums are surrounded by open areas and space fit for really relaxing.


Hours: Daily, 5 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

How to get here
  • Bosque de Chapultepec II Secc, Miguel Hidalgo, 11100 CDMX


Fountain of the Nymphs

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Nuclear Physicists Fountain

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Lago Algo, Chapultepec

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