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Casa de Cultura Chicomecóatl


How to get here


Metro Calle 11

Nearest at 0.96 kms.

Metro Periférico Oriente

Nearest at 0.98 kms.

Parque Las Antenas Shopping Center

Nearest at 1.20 kms.

Tío Froy

Nearest at 2.5 kms.

Recomendado por CANIRAC


Mercado Hueso Periférico, Tlalpan

A giant neighborhood market for south eastern Coapa and Cuemanco . . .

Mercado San Francisco Culhuacán

Likely the best place for lunch in San Francisco Culhuacán...

Santa María Tomatlán

An original settlement in Iztapalapa, this one's making a comeback...

Inmaculada Concepción, El Prado, Iztapalapa

An early 1950s architectural marvel reaches for the sky...

Pueblo Los Reyes Culhuacán

The first town in the area to have a chapel served all the other neighborhoods.

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