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Calvary Chapel, La Villa

Calvary Chapel La GAM
Photo: Juan Carlos Fonseca Mata on Wikimedia Commons

The Capilla Del Calvario, the Calvary Chapel, is the chapel of the nursing home next door. The home is for the retired sisters of the Missionary Daughters of Calvary. They’ve been a missionary organization since 1958. The original foundation was in 1909. They’re considered Capuchin Franciscans.

The Parish of Santa María de Guadalupe “Capuchinas” is the parish church of the Basilica. It was elevated to a parish in 1992. The Parish looks after the Pocito Chapel, the Chapel of Oaths, the Old Parish of Indians, and the Baptistery. In any of these places, you’re likely to see the sisters.

The private Calvary Chapel dates from the 20th century. It principally serves residents in the retirement home. Built primarily in the Neo-Colonial style, it’s still an evocative presence in the neighborhood. INAH mentions a chapel very near here and dedicated to San Lorenzo. That explains the name of the plaza on the north end of the calle Calvario. That chapel had stood here since the colonial period. It disappeared during the 20th century.

International visitors are likely to encounter the tiny chapel en route to the Parque del Mestizaje. It’s just a few minutes walk but, at a diagonal, you’re likely to find yourself in all sorts of charming corners. The Calle Calvario is but one more.

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