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Chapultepec Section 4

Chapultepec Section 4 is a dramatic reclamation of forest land once occupied, mostly, by the Mexican Military. Today, it's changing into a giant outdoor recreation area. It's also got a few important historical sites. Those are, thankfully, protected and open to the public. There are also plans unfolding for a new national cinema, a third Cablebús line, and better access to some of the most rugged territory in the City.

The area's ravines and cliffs had been Tepanec territory during ancient times. But the Royal Gunpowder Factory only opened in 1782, many hundreds of years into the colonial period. Today, it's the centerpiece, a cultural center, of the new Section 4. It was dedicated only in 2021.

But the area is perhaps most famous for the landscape that made it appropriate for a gunpowder factory. It's largely remained undeveloped over these many centuries because of the ravines and cliffs and steep hillside. It offers a beautiful natural alternative to so much encroaching city. And like the other sections of Chapultepec, this one is entirely within Mexico City.

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