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Álvaro Obregón Public Markets

The Álvaro Obregón Public Markets are among the City's most iconic neighborhoods. San Ángel and the vast Pedregal neighborhoods spring to mind. But the other side of the territory is equally well-known for irascible, un-tameable hills and valleys and even cliffsides.

Among all of this grand territory, the Álvaro Obregón Public Markets make it a more hospitable, quirky, and exceptionally pleasant place to visit. No fewer than 16 markets unite communities, and provide exceptionally healthy food (and everything else).

While few international visitors may think to strike off just for the market, every trip is made easier knowing there's a public market nearby. In addition to stands of fresh produce and fruit, every market also includes freshly prepared sit-down food. And it's made from ingredients that just came in this morning. You can't do better than that.

We've focused on some of the markets in the area's historic original settlements, but there are still more. Below are some of the best-known Álvaro Obregón Public Markets. But there are also some that are distant, in the increasingly popular hills and natural reserves that make this such a fascinating part of Mexico City.

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