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Mexico City Street Food Map

A Map
of Mexico City Street Food

mexico city street food
Photos: Koffermejia on Wikimedia Commons


What does one do in a City famous for food that doesn’t come from restaurants? 

We’ve toyed with the idea of making a glossary of places to eat:

  1. Fondas
  2. Loncherías
  3. Antojerías
  4. Taquerías
  5. Puestos, corner stands, doorways, comales over braseros and temastes

The high-end places you can find on the internet. In Mexico City, there are classics that will never close. And Foody Restaurants that open and then re-open every three years. Finding them is as easy as Google. But really, is that Mexico City food?

Most city residents will say no.

We’ve also worked on listing as many public markets as possible. We created a guide to comida corrida and the menu del día. And “Fonda Food” is recommended, for breakfast and lunch. But, everyone’s still gonna want a little more of that street food sizzle.

A Map to Mexico City Street Food

Mexico City Street Food is still just too popular. We’ve created a guide to its many varieties. But where to get it?

According to Business Insider México,  Google worked with geographer and demographer, Baruch Sanginés to produce a Map of Street Food. It’s not just Mexico City, but all of Mexico.

As is evident at a glance, one just needs to scroll in, it’s mostly being filled in by Mexico City residents. It’s not complete, but it’s getting there.

That’s because many city residents are in a near-constant frenzy for the newest, best, and most indulgent street foods. And these places are not easy to find or know even if you live in the City for decades. When someone gets a favorite, their likely to fill it in because what better way to insure your favorite puestito is going to be there tomorrow?

The idea of street food just carries a lot of weight. And a lot of it is good too.

Our guide to street foods includes some tips for choosing which street foods to eat. So does our guide to avoiding food poisoning.

But a decent map, continuously updated, can’t hurt either.

Mexican food is a universe. It’s a clash and coalescence of cultures, ingredients, history, and method. It’s lost, re-discovered, re-born, and eaten again.

Now, there’s at least one more way to discover some of it.