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2021 Day of the Dead Parade (Photos)

Photos: Brigette Reyes/ Secretaría de Cultura de la Ciudad de México


The 2021 Day of the Dead parade was one of the most well attended in Mexico City history. Perfect weather meant that more people than ever could come out and enjoy it.

The event lasted four and a half hours. Participants marched a total of 8.7 kilometers.

The 2021 Day of the Dead parade was billed as a celebration of life. But special emphasis had to be placed on the memories of those who passed away during the 2020/21 COVID19 pandemic. Every person in attendance has been affected.

Many of the ofrendas, special votive altars, built specific for the Day of the Dead, will continue to be on display through the month of November. The main ofrenda, in the Zócalo, will be removed on Wednesday, November 3rd. That’s to make room for the 2021 CDMX Festival of Indigenous Cultures which begins on Thursday. The festival will remain in the Zócalo through the 18th of November.

While annual Day of the Dead celebrations are not entirely over at this writing, much of the fan fare will continue through the month. November is a month of sales and shopping, but also one of reflection and togetherness.

Please remember that although pandemic restrictions have been eased, guests in Mexico City are asked to continue following the minimal restrictions still in place. The include facemasks when indoors. Frequent handwashing is recommended. Use antibacterial gel when handwashing is not possible. Outdoor spaces are preferred for meetings or gatherings whenever possible.