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San Lorenzo Huipulco




Huipulco Light Rail

相近 0.18 kms.

Parque de las Novias

相近 0.40 kms.

Huipulco Lunch Market

相近 0.44 kms.


San Miguel Topilejo

One of Tlalpan's most remarkable volcano-side towns...

Santo Tomás Ajusco

A homey little town on your way to the park, this Ajusco may be the most classic pueblito in Mexico City.

Parres el Guarda, Tlalpan

Your last stop on the Cuernavaca Railroad Bikeway is a rugged old railroad town.

San Pedro Mártir, Tlalpan

One of Tlalpan's most dynamic original villages, somehow San Pedro just keeps getting better.

Santa Úrsula Xitla(托奇科)城鎮和教堂

Among the oldest of the traditional towns on the slopes of the Xitle volcano.