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Templo de Santa María Aztahuacán

Désolé, cet article est seulement disponible en Anglais Américain et Espagnol Mexicain.

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Santa María Aztahuacan

Nearest at 0.07 kms.

Casa de Cultura Aztahuacán

Nearest at 0.21 kms.

San Pedro Laundry, Aztahuacan

Nearest at 0.32 kms.


Gran Basamento Mexica

Two windows along Argentina Street offer glimpses into the City's ancient past . . .

National Museum of the Interventions - Churubusco Monastery

Not just the Museum of the Interventions and a fascinating military history, it's a fascinating monastery too.

Los Reyes-La Paz Archaeological Site

A little-known pyramid on the outskirts of Mexico City...

San Pedro Laundry, Aztahuacan

A startling glimpse into Iztapalapa's deepest past...

Acuexcomatl Center for Environmental Culture

One of the most important environmental education centers in the City...

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