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Pantitlán Park

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How to get here


Parque Acteal

Nearest at 1.07 kms.

Metro Agrícola Oriental

Nearest at 1.67 kms.

Metro Pantitlán

Nearest at 1.70 kms.


Faro Cultural y Recreativo Iztacalco

Agrícola Oriental's green garden and learning center . . .

Parque Acteal

A lively neighborhood park to the east in Agrícola Pantitlán...

La Osa Mayor; Mathias Goeritz

Goeritz' tribute to the Big Dipper...

Palacio de los Deportes

Draws international visitors to concerts and sporting events like nowhere else, the Palace is still going strong.

Foro Sol

Foro Sol has been home to baseball, auto racing, and more music festivals than you could possibly dance to.

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