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Otra cosa sin nombre (OCSN)

Otra cosa sin nombre (Another nameless thing – OCSN) is a wonderfully energetic workshop and exhibition street on the Calle Colima in Roma Norte. To call it an art gallery wouldn’t really do justice, as it’s more a visual arts production studio. The results of such “production” regularly fill out the exhibition space which is all but completely, right out on the street.

OCSN directors call it “a space that affirms the mysterious power of the future.” To that end, the space has run a series of artistic residencies “in the street,” and which emphasize a creative relationship, rather than one that is merely immediate.

OCSN opened when the space opened up on the ground floor where founder Juanpablo Avendaño was living. The space is used to rather radically address what is missing in much of contemporary art. In the gallery’s own words:

It is an initiative that also tries to put into practice actions and dynamics related to hospitality and care, opening spaces for exchange with projects or people who are experiencing some kind of displacement and whose confrontation has some kind of rigorous relationship with art.

We search for and produce artistic objects – things that can act as detonators of critical questions in relation to our time. Objects – reminders of something radical to do or to start.

With a foot in Material Culture (Museo del Objeto del Objeto is just a block away), it’s a surprisingly warm and humane space. Don’t let the vaguely punk overtones scare you away. The rewards of a visit will be apparent to anyone who sticks around.

Hours: Daily, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Daniel Alonso Viña, El Pais, 06 DIC, 2022: Un palo, una libreta de Peppa Pig y ‘Otra cosa sin nombre’, la galería de los prófugos del arte en Ciudad de México

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