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Metro Nopalera




Mercado Juan de Dios Peza

相近 0.44 kms.

Santiago Zapotitlán

相近 1.00 kms.

Centro Cultural Zapotitlán

相近 1.03 kms.


Metro Mixcoac

For one of the real up-and-coming neighborhoods, a Metro Station needs to live up to a lot of history!

Metro Insurgentes Sur

A busy Metro station for a very busy shopping district.

Metro Hospital 20 de Noviembre

Named for one of the country's leading medical centers, it's in the very heart of Del Valle.

Metro Zapata

On Lines 3 and 12, it's one of the most memorably named, and a part of the City's history.

Metro Parque de los Venados

Transport hub for the Benito Juarez alcaldía and for folks en route to the area parks and market.