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Mercado el 100

Mercado el 100
Photo courtesy of the Mercado el 100 Facebook Page.

The Mercado El 100 is a collective market put together by more than 50 organic farmers and artisans. Since 2010, all the products sold have been grown and produced within 100 kilometers of the Mexico City limits. The name comes from that distance.

All the farmers and producers are coordinated by Alan Favero, president of the civil organization that runs the market. He and his team know everything about all the organic products, their cultivation, and trade.

It’s an open-air market that’s been held every Sunday going back over the past decade. El 100 (el cien) is held at the Plaza del Lanzador in Roma Sur. Technically, it’s right on the border between Roma Norte and Sur.  That makes it also a neighborhood and community meeting place.

Vendors offer everything from fresh fruits and vegetables, to organic soaps, Mexican coffee, handmade crafts, and vegan and gluten free food. You can usually get at least some prepared food. That’s often made with the freshest ingredients imaginable.

In general, it’s better to arrive early to get the best produce. Visiting the market you can also take a Sunday walk through the López Velarde Park and Garden.

Hours: Sundays from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

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Mercado El 100

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