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Huayamilpas Park

Huayamilpas Park


Huayamilpas Park was, in the 1970s, but a humble neighborhood garbage dump. Today. it’s best known for its botanical garden, an outstanding cultural forum, a library, football fields and a natural lake.

Rescued by neighbors and area residents, the National Ecological Alliance installed football fields and basketball courts, and insisted on rehabilitating the park. Opened again in 1993, today Huayamilpas Park takes up some splendid ​​20 hectares and is the place of choice for about 90,000 people in the surrounding neighborhoods.

In May 2009, a process of cleaning the park’s lake began and in October of the same year a reforestation day was held. Hundreds of trees were planted.

The botanical garden is today home to multiple species of cacti, aloe, prickly pear, conifers, pines, thickets,  aquatic plants, ferns and lama. Animal species include Canadian collar ducks, gray and white herons, hummingbirds, carp, and butterflies, among others.

The park also includes free parking, a cafe, a seniors center. Classes are offered in dance and sports: Zumba, Danzón, Tae Kwon-Do, the Cruz Azul-Huayamilpas football school, swimming, and more.

Getting there is easy too, just take the light rail from Metro Tasqueña to Nezahualpilli or Xotepingo.

How to get here
  • Rey Nezahualcóyotl esquina Yaquis s/n, col. Ajusco Huayamilpas, 04300 CDMX
  • 5617 9189


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