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Glorieta de Cuitláhuac


How to get here
  • Flores Magón esq. Paseo de la Reforma, Col. Morelos, Alc. Cuauhtémoc 06200 CDMX


Jardín de Santiago, Tlatelolco

Nearest at 0.17 kms.

Museo de Tecpan

Nearest at 0.21 kms.



Likely the most prominent symbol of Mexico City, El Ángel is always at the center of things...

Fuente de Petróleos

One of the least examined but never forgotten monuments offers a lot to still be learned.


One of Reforma's most striking "glorietas," the Diana is more than a copy of some Euro original. It's homegrown!

Glorieta del Ahuehuete

One of the most ephemeral of Reforma roundabouts, La Palma is likely to make any list of favorites.


Not so much a traffic roundabout today, it's still a prominent place on Mexico City's main street.

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