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La ESPAC, Anzures

ESPAC Gallery Space
Photo courtesy of the ESPAC Facebook page.

ESPAC is a non-profit gallery and contemporary art organization. Since 2015, the organization has worked to study and promote current artistic production. With a prominent collection of more than 700 works of modern and contemporary art, ESPAC focuses on contemporary painting. The collection includes video, graphic works, drawings, and sculptural works. Many of the works are from  local and national artists, but the collection also includes works by numerous international artists. It’s one of the best-regarded private collections of contemporary art in the City.

Curatorial work is notoriously individualistic. The interests of individual team members are reflected in the collection as are traces and concerns of many past collaborators. With ongoing projects that include exhibitions, publications, educational events, and acquisitions, it’s among the most dynamic non-profits in the area. Check the Facebook page as there’s nearly always something going on.

The space in the colonia Anzures includes a front patio, and two big gallery spaces. There’s also a multipurpose area and library. This includes some of the publications that ESPAC has produced. There’s also representation from many of the leading contemporary art publishers and museums in the City. The Anzures location is a quick walk from Polanco in the area behind the Rufino Tamayo museum.

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