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Chichinautzin Biological Corridor


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Parres el Guarda, Tlalpan

Nearest at 17.35 kms.


Nearest at 18.32 kms.

Tequipá Pyramid

Nearest at 20.54 kms.


National Conservatory of Music, Polanco

A remarkable National Monument and School of Music . . .

Parque de la Luz, Chapultepec

A wonderfully kept secret part of Chapultepec on the edge of Lomas . . .

Torre Virreyes, Lomas

A dramatic, looming tower above western Chapultepec . . .

Super Servicio Lomas

A remarkable vision of the mid-century in Mexico City . . .

Avenida San Jerónimo

Main street in one of Mexico City's most iconic southern neighborhoods . . .

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