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Alfonso Reyes Cultural Center & El Pípila Park


How to get here


Santa Cruz Tultenco

Nearest at 0.32 kms.

Mercado Paulino Navarro

Nearest at 0.41 kms.


Nearest at 0.47 kms.


Avenida Amsterdam

A guide to one of Mexico City's most iconic streets for sightseeing walks and tours . . .

Glorieta Popocatepetl

Hipódromo's most stunningly beautiful fountain . . .

Plaza Luis Cabrera

A favored neighborhood plaza and fountain...

Jardín de las Artes Gráficas / Casa de Cultura Othón Salazar Ramírez

The park of the five fountains, and el Zocalito, it's a wonderful part of Col. Doctores...

Jardín Dr. Ignacio Chávez

One of the major antiques markets of the Center City.

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