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Alameda Norte


Alameda Norte
Photo: Karina on Wikimedia Commons

The Alameda Norte is the second big park in Azcapotzalco, after the slightly larger Tezozómoc Park. To the south of the alcaldía is the even bigger Parque Bicentenario. But in the case of the Alameda Norte, we’re entirely within the Santa Bárbara Tetlanman neighborhood, technically an old pueblo originario.

The park opened in 1987 a first attempt at recovering some of the land long used for the stockyards. These were holding pens for livestock destined for the giant Rastro de Ferrería. Today the old meat processing plant is mostly a market, although one decidedly focused on meat and butcher products. All of this is in the shadow of the giant Mexico City Arena, also built on territory from the old stockyards.

The park is probably best-known for the tensile fabric pavilions that provide a centerpiece for organized activities. But everyday visitors can take to the reflection pool. There’s an audiorama soundstage, a kiosk, sitting areas, and playgrounds. There are also bicycle rentals, a sometime train, and lots of places for walking. The two clay running tracks are 1.2 kms  1.5 kms making it a favorite for local runners too.

The even larger Deportivo Reynosa, just to the west of the formal Alameda, adds nearly a dozen playing fields. With a giant aquatics and swimming center, it makes the entire complex into one of the biggest in the city.

Perhaps most notoriously, the large central paved plazas make the Alameda Norte into a regular meeting place for the area’s rollerblading and skating communities.


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Arena Ciudad de México

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Mercado Rastro de Ferrería

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