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Azcapotzalco Parks

Azcapotzalco parks include a few of the most famous in the city. Even before the Spanish invasion of 1520, Azcapotzalco was a major urban area. It was divided into barrios even then. Called calpulli, these territorial sub-units formed the basis by which the Dominicans of the divided the area up into 27 administrative areas. Today we know those areas as the 25 original neighborhoods of Azcapotzalco.

Those chapels each began by offering church services, outdoors, to the subjects of the Spanish crown and the Roman Catholic Church. The "atriums" the church yards where these services took place are the early predecessors to the many of the parks we know today.

Largely secularized in the Reform movement of the mid-19th century, many of them were lost entirely. But Azcapotzalco remains a heavily urbanized area where parks are treasured, and green spaces are more important than ever.

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