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Yuhualixqui Volcano


How to get here
  • Col Lomas de San Lorenzo, Iztapalapa, 09780 Mexico City


Casa de Cultura Los Olivos

Nearest at 1.31 kms.

Metro Olivos

Nearest at 1.48 kms.

Mercado Juan de Dios Peza

Nearest at 1.51 kms.

Tío Froy

Nearest at 2 kms.

Recomendado por CANIRAC


Utopia Quetzalcoatl

A major recreational development in the Quetzalcoatl Urban Development. . .

Utopia Papalotl

One of Iztapalapa's most beautiful urban parks...

Utopia Libertad

Iztapalapa's most sustainable and eco-conscious Utopia . . .

Casa de Cultura Chicomecóatl

Chicomecóatl is a neighborhood center and cultural hub for communities in the shadow of the volcano.

Utopia Atzintli

A water-themed sports and cultural center on the northern slopes of the Sierra de Catarina.

Practical guide and services