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San Luis Tlaxialtemalco Flower Market


How to get here
  • Gpe I Ramírez, Pueblo San Luis Tlaxialtemalco, Xochimilco, 16610 CDMX


San Fernando Flower Market

A 24-hour flower market in a busy corner of Tlalpan's hospital district . . .


Public markets are all over the city, but a giant public flower market makes for a real trip to heaven.

Mercado de Flores, La Merced

One of the most inviting in the whole of La Meche, it's the Merced Flower Market

Santa Rosa Xochiac

Most famous for ongoing annual celebrations, Santa Rosa is a tribute to being away from it all...

Mercado Palacio de las Flores San Juan

The center-west cut flowers market near the famous San Juan Market.

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