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圣洛伦索 特拉科尤坎

san lorenzo tlacoyucan


圣洛伦索 特拉科尤坎 (San Lorenzo Tlacoyucan) 是米尔帕 阿尔塔 (Milpa Alta) 的 12 个故乡城镇之一。 这是一个质朴的农业社区,紧紧拥抱着一座陡峭的火山。 参观它不仅是在回顾过去,还是在了解几个世纪以来,人们赖以生存的丘陵和山谷所定义的人口动态现状。

方济各会教堂的建造始于18世纪。 但圣洛伦索 迪亚科诺 马蒂尔(San Lorenzo Diácono y Mártir)教堂直到1896年才竣工。里面有两幅重要的画作。 它们来自 16 世纪和 18 世纪。 倒拱形的心房墙环绕着宜人的花园和中庭。 入口门在带有一些新古典主义元素的巴洛克式立面前形成一个半圆拱门。

今天,参观圣洛伦佐 特拉科尤坎将会得到丰富的收获,无论有没有宝藏。参观加尔瓦利礼拜堂和瞭望台,这是一个古老的天文台,可以让你全面地看到米尔帕 阿尔塔山谷的壮丽景色。

有一个传说是由国家人类学和历史学校(ENAH)的学生梅萨 梅洛 阿尔贝托(Meza Melo Alberto)在2015年记录下来的。

在波菲里奥 迪亚斯(Porfirio Díaz)担任总统期间(在20世纪之交),政府对米尔帕 阿尔塔的森林产生了兴趣。这是因为铁路正在建设中,自然资源变得比以往任何时候都更重要。

一个非常聪明的小偷,名叫胡安 卡内罗(Juan Carnero),有勇气挑战现有的土地法。卡内罗利用森林中的洞穴来隐藏他偷来的大量物品。在抢劫了穿越该领土的旅行者和马车后,他会把物品存放在一个洞穴中,这个洞穴被称为”胡安 卡内罗的洞穴”。这个洞穴因为其迷宫般的隧道从中心洞穴螺旋伸出而被昵称为”章鱼”。所有这些都是从坚硬的石头中雕刻出来的。

根据传说,这个洞穴从未被找到过。总统波菲里奥 迪亚斯先生知道,每年的1月1日,中午12点,公鸡会啼叫。那标志着洞穴的开启,只有几分钟的时间。但是到今天,它还没有被找到,甚至镇上的居民也从未找到过胡安 卡内罗的传说中的宝藏

A legend was recorded by a student, Meza Melo Alberto of the National School of Anthropology and History (ENAH), in 2015. During the presidency of Porfirio Díaz (at the turn of the 20th century), the government took an interest in the forests of Milpa Alta. This was as the railways were being built, and natural resources became more important than ever. A very clever thief by the name of Juan Carnero had the courage to challenge the existing law of the land. Carnero was using caves within the forests to hide his considerable stolen goods. After robbing travelers and coaches crossing the territory, he would deposit the goods into one cave, the Cave of Juan Carnero. This cave was nicknamed "the Octopus" for the maze-like tunnels spiraling off from a central cavern. All of it was carved from solid stone. According to the legend, the cave has never been found. The president, Don Porfirio Díaz, knew that every year, on the first of January, at 12 noon a rooster would crow. That signaled the opening of the cave, for just a few moments. But to this day, it's never been located and even the residents of the town have never found the legendary treasure of Juan Carnero.

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  • Insurgentes 10, Villa Milpa Alta, San Lorenzo Tlacoyucan, Milpa Alta, 12500 CDMX



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