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Plaza Sí al Desarme, Sí a La Paz

The Plaza Sí al Desarme, Sí a La Paz is so new that its everyday name hasn’t yet been established. “Disarmament Plaza” likely contends as an abbreviated name. The plaza was dedicated in 2021 as a kickoff to the “Yes to disarmament, yes to peace” program.

The strategy called for the willful surrender of illegal forearms. No fewer than 4,700 of them were collected simply for the casting of this sculpture. “Molino para la paz (Grinder for Peace) stands in the new plaza at the confluence of the Paseo de la Reforma and its two northerly extensions. The Calzadas de los Misterios and Guadalupe continue the same thoroughfare. Like Reforma, the two old causeways are lined with historic monuments. These mark an important pilgrimage route, one ultimately leading to the Basilica de Guadalupe.

The sculpture here was chosen by a jury for its level of social impact and coherence with regard to the weapons exchange program. The work of Veracruz-based artist, Miguel Campos, Molino de la Paz is made from the actual weapons collected by the Mexican army and thus taken off of the streets. The work weighs some three tons and stands 3.5 meters high. You’ll find the Plaza Si al desarme just north of the Jardín Gorostiza at the intersection of Av. Peralvillo with Calle Manuel Gonzalez. The park is named for another historical Veracruz figure, the diplomat and writer, Manuel Eduardo de Gorostiza (1789–1851).

The historic beginning of the pilgrimage route is also traversed by Line 7 of the Metrobús, making it that much easier to reach. On the opposite side of the traffic interchange, the Pilgrims Monument plays a very similar role in marking the beginning, and end, to the pilgrimage route.

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  • Avenida Peralvillo, Col. Morelos, Alc. Cuauhtémoc, 06200 CDMX


Pilgrims Monument

Nearest at 0.09 kms.

Joyful Mystery #1

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El Pozole de Moctezuma

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Recomendado por CANIRAC


Calzada de Guadalupe

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Colonia Maza, Calzada de Guadalupe

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Glorious Mystery #5

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