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Glorious Mystery #2

The Second Glorious Mystery is the final monument in the quirky but architecturally invigorating neighborhood of Colonia Industrial. The Mystery depicted is The Ascension. Christ is physically lifted into the sky to return to his Father in heaven. In Christian tradition, the events occurred at the Mount of Olives in East Jerusalem.

Traditionally, the Feast of the Ascension is celebrated 40 days after Easter. In artwork, Christ is usually shown rising above a crowd of apostles who come to symbolize the church. The subject is often painted within the domes of Christian churches.

Just south of the broad cross-avenue of Euzkaro, this Second Glorious Mystery monument is one of a series of seven recreated in 1999. It’s intended to complement the original eight monuments surviving from the late 17th century. The Calzada de los Misterios today has all 15 of the Mysteries of the Rosary depicted on the series of monuments that line the east side of the causeway. It’s an ancient pilgrimage route and one that was long associated with devotional art and the recitation of the Marion Rosary.

In fact, the route predates Christianity in the area. The site of the Basilica of Guadalupe had previously been used for devotion to a mother goddess known as Tonantzin Coatlaxopeuh. With the passage of time, the neighborhood grew into just part of a crowded city, that of the Villa de Guadalupe Hidalgo. By the early 20th century, it was among the most important manufacturing centers in Mexico.

Today, pilgrims are accompanied by the merely curious and those who enjoy an adventure in a deeply historical neighborhood.

How to get here
  • Calzada de los Misterios, entre Euzkaro & Rio Blanco, Col. Industrial, Alc. Gustavo A. Madero 07800 CDMX


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