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Parque Francisco Zarco


Parque Francisco Zarco Built in 1979 in what was once the Rancho de las Rosas, named after the writer, journalist and politician, creator of the chronicle of the constituent congress of 1857.

  • Joaquín Francisco Zarco Mateos (1829-1869), widely known as Francisco Zarco, was a politician, journalist, and historian. He’s especially remembered for his work writing as a Liberal during the Reform period of the mid-19th century. Having worked as a journalist for most of his life, his literary period lasted just a few years just prior to the 1857 Constitution. He was also deeply involved in the political life of his time.

It has a fountain, two children’s playgrounds and the Magdalena Mondragón library, a space that honors the memory of this storyteller, playwright and the first woman to direct a newspaper.

Thanks to the low number of vehicles, it enjoys a pleasant and peaceful environment.

How to get here
  • Jorge Carreño Alvarado, Col Periodista, Benito Juárez, 03620 CDMX


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