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Pantitlán Park


The Parque Pantitlán is one of the easternmost parks in Mexico City. Totally renovated in 2020, the park was re-opened along with an extensive new bike-lane network.

The original park was built with the support of the Club de Leones Iztacalco football club. It opened in 1989. The 2020 rehabilitation changed the name to the Calle 6-Pantitlán Park.

The Pantitlán area is made up of five neighborhoods in the very east of Iztacalco. They’re all to the east of the area’s giant transit station, Metro Pantitlán. It’s the best-known landmark in the area, and lots of Mexico City residents are surprised that there’s still some of Mexico City to the east.

The Parque Pantitlan was renovated with ecological concrete. Ball courts and play areas were rehabilitated. The forum was remodeled and new children’s play equipment was installed. There’s also a boxing ring, fitness area and a space for seniors.


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Metro Pantitlán

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