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Oasis Coyoacán

The Oasis Coyoacán shopping center is one of the newest and poshest in the city. Located in the laid-back, ultra-chic neighborhood of Coyoacán, the center was erected on the already busy avenue of Miguel Ángel de Quevedo.

With around 150 stores, the opening of Oasis was a big step forward for Coyoacán’s already-savvy fashion sense. Today they all look good. The mall is right next to the intersection of Miguel Angel de Quevedo and the also busy Avenida Universidad, so it covers a good stretch of the commercially friendly city. That said, not so long ago it seemed to be primarily an intersection of a few large bookstores.

Today, the mall complements the highly literate neighborhood and its many passersby. Cars can drive down through the Santa Catarina neighborhood from the Viveros de Coyoacán. From the metro, just get off at Miguel Ángel de Quevedo. The mall is a quick walk from the metro and is a good place to end up if you plan to explore further.

Something new, sleek and shiny can be a welcome relief if you’ve been touring Coyoacán’s rich history.

Turibus RoutesThe Turibús Coyoacán South Circuit stop  is immediately in front of the mall on the eastbound lane of the avenue.

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Barrio Oxtopulco

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Metro Miguel Ángel de Quevedo

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