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Milán 44

milan 44
Photo courtesy of the Milán 44 Facebook page


The Milán 44 shopping center is one of the newer small neighborhood redevelopments. In this case, it very much came to symbolize the re-emergence of its (east) Juárez neighborhood. Colonia Juárez, as complicated and geographically long as it is, has seen its share of economic and fashionable ups and downs. Today, it’s making a serious comeback. And this little corner shopping mall can take some credit for that.

Hardly enormous, Milán 44 is home to a small yoga studio, an ice cream shop, a gourmet foods outlet, a couple of boutique shops, and an ad agency. For international visitors, it can be important to find some food that is a little less exotic for a change. Here you’ll be in good hands.

Just across the street from the Chocolate Museum, it’s a convenient upscale stop for those wandering the streets. These have become increasingly home to nightspots and shops. And wandering is a perfectly legitimate pass time here as many of the streets are lined with fin-de-siècle homes and mansions. Of these, the Gobernación building, on the very east of the neighborhood, is just the most prominent. In from the busy Bucareli corridor, it’s an entirely different and more placid experience.

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