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Mercado Las Mercedes, San Miguel Teotongo

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How to get here
  • Calle Lázaro Cárdenas, Pueblo San Miguel Teotongo, Alc. Iztapalapa, 09630, CDMX


Utopia Teotongo

Nearest at 0.22 kms.

Santa Marta Cablebús

Nearest at 0.66 kms.

Mercado San Miguel Torres

Nearest at 0.71 kms.


Utopia Tecoloxtitlan / OIHFRA

One of the most attractive of the Utopia Sports and Cultural Complexes is a major scientific center too.

Utopia Teotongo

A park and community center between Teotongo and two historic towns...

Cuexomatl / La Caldera Volcano

One of Mexico City's most recognizable volcanos...

Yecahuitzotl Park

The park is increasingly important as an educational space, and for astronomical observations.

Yautlica Environmental Culture Center & Park

The real brain center of the Sierra de Santa Catarina...

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