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Galería Mascota

Galería Mascota
Photo courtesy of the Galería Mascota Facebook Page.

Galería Mascota is a new project space that provides a platform especially for non-Mexican artists. In their own words,

The space constitutes an important window into foreign work that is locally relevant and will help inform the practice and development of Mexico City’s artistic landscape.

One of Mascota’s aims is to complement the present environment with perspectives and information previously not evident.

It’s a pretty hardcore little space. Like lots of little spaces, the work is primarily two-dimensional, but for all that, it better pack a punch. Often enough, they do. “Project spaces” are often among the least commercial of art spaces. As such, they’re very often among the most conversational and inquisitive.

Mexico City probably can’t help but focus on homegrown artists. A little space that lets out-of-towners really show up can make big splash. It may even qualify as a public service. And if you’ve been to too many Colonia Roma art events, this one may surprise you.

The Galería Mascota has become a mainstay of Mexico City’s big art events. Gallery Weekend 2021 is hardly their first. But any night you stop in (reservations necessary), you can expect to get involved in something. And one can’t ask for much more than that.

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