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FARO Tláhuac

FARO Tlahuac


FARO Tláhuac opened originally as the Base of Peace in the north of the Bosque de Tláhuac park. It’s a stretch of ground so fertile that groundskeepers have a time just keeping the grass cut. Housed in a giant pre-fab dome, it’s one of the most active FAROs in the network.

Opened in 2009, the center has grown into a creative powerhouse. Ongoing courses include dance, music, arts, and photography. One end of the dome seems regularly given over for musical performances.  ASE OF PEACE like those that flourish throughout the length and breadth of Latin American Unity. In this 2013 we honor the appointment as a space of reflection for a Culture of Peace, around the concepts of social justice, inclusion, solidarity and dignity.

Like the other FAROs, Tláhuac’s is a Factory of Skills and Arts. It’s one of the smallest such factories, but that actually seems to have meant that the Tláhuac branch extends more deeply into the surrounding community. Audiences here are both younger and older, with seniors and young children making up a core part of the constituency.

The 2021 commemoration of the FARO’s 15th anniversary included artistic works, book launches, and too many events to list here. The center is often visited along with the Bosque de Tláhuac park and the La Brecha Biocultural Corridor.

How to get here


Bosque de Tláhuac Forest Park

Nearest at 0.32 kms.

Mercado Zapotitlán

Nearest at 1.41 kms.

Mercado Colonia Del Mar

Nearest at 1.43 kms.


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