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Foro Cultural Calmécac, Milpa Alta

Open - Limited Services / Capacity

Foro Cultural Calmecac
Photo: Alcaldía Milpa Alta

The Foro Cultural Calmécac is a prominent cultural and community center in the Barrio de Santa Martha in Villa Milpa Alta. It’s especially well known for performances, in Ballet Folklorico, but in other dances styles, too. The center also offers classes in drawing, piano, guitar and music, and some language classes. Classes are designed for kids and adults.

The Nahuatl word “calmecac” was the name of a house intended as living quarters for those who served or worked in a temple. It’s used to for the name of several cultural centers in and around Mexico City.

Here in Milpa Alta, the Foro Cultural is especially used for recitals and programs of the participants in the center’s workshops. It’s roughly a 15-minute walk from the Historic Center of Villa Milpa Alta. Already the landscape starts to turn wild and wide open. The Foro Cultural Calmécac is a major cultural asset for the people of the Milpa Alta high valley.


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