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San Agustín Chapel, Villa Milpa Alta

San Augustin Chapel Milpa Alta
Photo: Thania Anahi on Wikimedia Commons

The San Agustín Chapel in Villa Milpa Alta is far to the east of town, already on the rising slopes that lead to the Cerro San Miguel and Santa Ana Tlacotenco. It’s often visited simply for views of the valley to the west. With a remarkable and spacious atrium, it’s very nearly a private city park for the neighborhood.

The church was built, in 1888, on the ruins of the original hermitage site. The new chapel included a nave, choir loft, and bell tower. The temple was again in 20-year period of rehabilitation from 1930 to 1950. The covered walkway leading into the church dates from this time.

The simple façade is almost obscured by this walkway. But visitors will still marvel at the stone construction and stairways. Note that the east bell tower  also acts a support buttress for the lateral wall. The single nave is covered by a barrel vault. The interior is intensely gilded and ornamented.

The San Agustín Chapel is dedicated to Saint Augustine of Hippo. There’s a kiosk on the church grounds in addition to the spacious lookout platforms and patios. It’s a remarkable site, and views into the distance are impressive in practically any weather. Walking from the center of Villa Milpa Alta takes about 15 minutes. In a taxi, it’s just five.

How to get here
  • José María Morelos, Barrio San Agustin, Villa Milpa Alta, Milpa Alta, 12070 CDMX



Nearest at 0.7 kms.

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Ruta de la Milpa

Nearest at 4.6 kms.

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