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Casa del Arte Xochimilco

Photos: Alcaldía Xochimilco

The Casa del Arte Xochimilco is an important cultural and community center in the Historic Center of Xochimilco. The historic building has long been associated with the Casa Amaya next door, and thus with the ancient rulers of Xochimilco who survived in political importance well into the colonial era.

The building was used as a primary school for many decades although its uses and tenants through centuries prior are not well documented. In the 1970s it was thoroughly renovated, and declared a historic monument only in 1986. That was two years after the Casa del Arte reopened in 1984 to provide an educational and cultural resource for residents of the Xochimilco area.

Today, the focus is on traditional dance and music, although workshops and classes in visual arts are frequent too. Just south of the Plaza Central, bigger events are going to spill out onto the broader esplanade. Seasonal events will even be coordinated with those happening on the plaza. Inside the front door, there’s almost always a public display of what’s going on at the center.

Of course, the Casa del Arte Xochimilco faces the giant market. It’s just across the street. And for an agricultural and traditional community, culture can’t help but include some of what’s going on there too.

Hours: Daily, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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