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Candelaria de los Patos – Macuitlapilco


  • Calle San Ciprian 26, Col. Zona Centro, Alc. Venustiano Carranza, 15100 CDMX
  • 55 5522 5068


Metro Candelaria

相近 0.08 kms.

San Jeronimito Atlixco

相近 0.15 kms.


Mercado Morelos

One of Mexico City's great neighborhood markets...

r 拉梅塞德市场,

La Merced is the classic, and some will argue, the only public market in Mexico City. If you miss out on this one, you're missing out on a lot!

Nave Menor, La Merced Market

One of the biggest markets in the city, it's part of what makes any visit to the Merced so much fun.


One of the most famous markets in the city, it's not just about magic and witchcraft!

San Jeronimito Atlixco

A chapel abandoned in the wake of a plague, today it's a forlorn but breathtaking landmark.