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Miguel Hidalgo Original Settlements

The original settlements of Miguel Hidalgo represent some of the oldest and longest inhabited areas of this important and giant part of the City.

In the north, they were all parts of ancient Tacuba, known as Tlacopan during the ancient period. In the south, they were parts of the dynamic ancient city of Tacubaya.

Between these two vast areas, the "Emerald of Anahuac" was a forested source of water connected to Tenochtitlan by an aqueduct. Chimalpopoca famously asked Tezozómoc of Azcapotzalco for permission to construct a first version in 1381. It was even more famously upgraded by Nezahualcoyotl in 1466. Chapultepec has been a natural reserve and water source ever since.

Today's Miguel Hidalgo is visited much more for Polanco and Nuevo Polanco. Obviously, Chapultepec welcomes streams of visitors too. But the ancient settlements of Tacuba and Tacubaya offer just as much insight, and possibly more. The sites listed below are just the beginning.

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