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Day 7 in CDMX

Day 7 of a 7-Day Mexico City Travel Itinerary

Your final day, it's nice to finally see where you've been. The north of Mexico City offers, at last, some outstanding views.

The Basilica de Guadalupe is at the base of the old Tepeyac mountain. It was here that the Marian apparitions took place, at least according to legend.

There are a number of architectural marvels. But international visitors may just want to climb to the Cerrito de los Angeles Chapel. The views are outstanding.

But a cable car ride will give you one better. The Indios Verdes Cablebús station is about a 20-minute walk from the Basilica. You'll need a Metro Card to board the Cablebús. But the views are simply not to be believed.

At this writing, both Cuautepec and tiny mountaintop Tlalpexco are seeing a real renaissance in visitors. You'll be amazed when you get there.

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