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San Bartolo Cahualtongo


How to get here
  • 2da Privada San Isidro 4, San Bartolo Cahualtongo, Azcapotzalco, 02720 CDMX


San Mateo Xaltelolco

Nearest at 0.58 kms.

Santa Lucía Tomatlan

Nearest at 0.83 kms.

San Miguel Amantla, Azcapotzalco

Nearest at 0.90 kms.


San Andrés de las Salinas, (Acahuacaltongo)

One of Azcapotzalco's nearly lost original settlements . . .

Santo Domingo Huexotitlan

One of Azcapotzalco's ancient neighborhoods is remembered in a stone chapel.

San Andrés Tetlanman

The chapel dedicated to San Andrés Apóstol dates from the 17th century.

San Miguel Amantla, Azcapotzalco

The ancient neighborhood was sacred to the Tepanec people, the chief rivals to the Mexica of Tenochtitlan.

Santo Tomás Tlamatzingo

A crooked town center to one of Azcapotzalco's oldest settlements...

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