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Parque de la Ciudadela

Parque Ciudadela
Photo: Maritza Ríos / Secretaría de Cultura de la Ciudad de México

The Parque de la Ciudadela, literally the Citadel Park is between the library (the former Citadel to the south) and the crafts market to the north. The Library of Mexico is more properly the actual Citadel building, but because of the crafts market, the entire area has fallen under the name.

The park is quite traditional. It’s a European-style geometric garden on the east and west sides. The giant monument to Morelos (pictured above) is in the middle. The cannons lend an image to Metro Balderas, just to the south. They recall the Ten Tragic Days that took place, here more than anywhere else. That’s an episode from a hundred years after Morelos, though. This is still one of the City’s best known, of many, monuments to him.

The park is a frequent resting place after a day spent wandering the artisan market. It’s also a very popular spot for dancing, especially for seniors. In fact, people come together for classes in dancing here nearly seven days of every week. It’s not at all uncommon for dancers to have a choice of five or more different DJs to choose from.

The Parque de la Ciudadela shouldn’t be confused with the Manuel Tolsa park. It’s just south of the Library. And together with the building, the Centro de la Imagen photography gallery and the artisan market, the entire complex is collectively referred to as La Ciudadela.


How to get here
  • José María Morelos, Colonia Centro, Cuauhtémoc, 06000 CDMX


La Ciudadela Artisan Market

Nearest at 0.06 kms.

La Ciudadela - Library of Mexico

Nearest at 0.15 kms.


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