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Metro Múzquiz

Metro Múzquiz is the first station on Metro Line B entirely within the Mexico State municipality and city of Ecatepec. It’s named for the Melchor Múzquiz neighborhood although it’s technically within the Colonia Valle de Aragón (Secc. III). That makes it the final station within the broader conceptual location of Aragón. The dozens of residential communities in Mexico City’s northeast were early on developed in the 1970s. Since then, they’ve consolidated into some of the most important and populated in the Valley of Mexico.

The station logo represents a silhouette of President Melchor Múzquiz.

  • José Ventura Melchor Ciriaco de Ecay-Múzquiz y Arrieta (1790-1844), was briefly president of Mexico during 1832. This was during the early consolidation period after Mexican Independence had been won in 1821. The Plan of Veracruz movement led the country into a Civil War. Múzquiz, at the time serving as both a Senator and as Governor of the State of Mexico, assumed the presidency from the end of the Summer of 1832 through the end of that year. He’s chiefly remembered, as are so many, for having stood against the disruptive regime of Antonio López de Santa Anna.

On regular work days, Metro Múzquiz sees some 20,000 riders board here. But like many stations in this part of the City, ridership seems to increase every year.

How to get here
  • Avenida Central/Esq Valle del Guadiana. Col. Valle de Aragon (Sección III), Mpo Ecatepec de Morelos, 55280 EdoMex


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