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Grand San Francisco

Grand San Francisco
Photo courtesy of Grand San Francisco

Grand San Francisco holds the distinction of being Mexico City’s only truly pet-friendly shopping center. This is only, in part, because one tenant is a veterinarian’s office. While it’s tiny by Mexico City standards, it’s also relatively upscale, and in the fairly exclusive Álvaro Obregón neighborhood of Alcantarilla. The complex is the anchor property in a modest commercial stretch that includes a number of other retailers. These run along the ridge above the much larger colonia Olivar de los Padres, just to the south.

The mall has a couple of shopping levels and a nice terrace. Views of the Barranca de Desierto de los Leones are particularly enviable. For those coming from Tetelpan, Alcantarilla is just the next neighborhood over. Most international visitors will be drawn by the Desierto de los Leones National Park and Monastery. They’re another 30 minutes down the same road.

The Grand San Francisco is best known for hosting a private swimming school. There’s an art school too. It’s a newer shopping center and one with a good handful of boutique eateries, if not a massive number of retail outlets.

It’s also well regarded for offering panoramic views in a part of the City where most of them are private or just not so easy to reach.

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