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Embassy of Ireland, Mexico City

irish embassy mexico city
Photo: Aquintero82 on Wikimedia Commons

The Embassy of Ireland in Mexico City is in the Torre Quadro, in the Lomas de Chapultepec neighbrohood. Relations between Ireland and Mexico go back to well into the colonial period. In fact, the last representative of the Spanish crown in Mexico was Juan O’Donojú. Born in Seville of Irish descent, he died in 1821. His portrait remains in the collection of the Salon de los Cabildos in the Old City Hall Building.

But far and away the most memorable events in Irish-Mexican relations occurred with the Saint Patrick’s Battalion, during the USA invasions of 1847-48. Many Irish immigrants in the United States joined Mexican forces and fought famously in the Battles of Buena Vista and Churubusco, among others. They’re remembered, by name, in plaque posted at the San Jacinto Plaza, and at numerous other places around the City.

Modern diplomatic relations took a huge leap forward in 1999 with the opening of this embassy. That’s been followed by a number of important state visits.

The Torre Quadro Corporativo was early on hailed as a successful “green” office building. All the systems for supervision, control, operation, maintenance, and energy consumption are integrated into a single network system. Air conditioning, electrical and hydraulic systems, and extraction fans all operate from modern control panels. It’s often cited as one of the earliest buildings to have been designed this way.

Out front, the Cuernavaca Railroad Bikeway means that guests to the Embassy of Ireland can even arrive here in a manner that’s thoroughly green and modern.

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