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Route of the Resistance

route of the resistanceThe Route of the Resistance presents you with the sites of the most exemplary events of the years 1519-1521.

The military and spiritual conquest of Tenochtitlan still reverberates to this day. The astute visitor may even examine the  origins of some of those events in these very places. You'll find emblematic spaces like squares, churches, the foundations of pyramids, museums, and similar heritage sites that are but the vestiges of this history.

  • The symbol for sites along this route is a depiction of Moctezuma from the 16th-century Mendoza Codex. Moctezuma's death became a powerful motivation for the resistance of the Aztec armies.

The Route of the Resistance begins with a mural commemorating the famous 1519 meeting of Moctezuma Xocoyotzin and Hernán Cortés. But every site along the way promises further insight into these world-changing moments.

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