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New & Renewed Parks

Recent years have seen Mexico City Parks take on a new role. They're not just places for reuniting with nature, and running the dogs. Today more than ever they're vital points of education, learning, experimenting and defending. They defend against water depletion and over-heating, and they educate Mexico City residents on the importance of all of these new roles.

Some city parks are in a continual process of change, improvement, and rehabilitation. Some get such heavy use by a public hungry for nature, that they're in constant need of maintenance. Some others are so big, that they can't be adequately described in just a few paragraphs.

Among these, the giant regional parks come to mind.

Below are many more of these priority parks, those that have really stood out in recent Mexico City history. Some have drawn the attention of the entire city. Some are smaller projects that have just benefited the surrounding community. Each has been important. Many will have their successes play out only over coming years as trees take root, and perennials come back, year upon year.

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