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Mexico City Flower Markets

Mexico City's never had a shortage of Flower Markets. They don't disappear often, but like anything else, they've had to change and adapt throughout history.

They still do a tremendous amount of business with funeral homes and cemeteries. But of course, there are weddings, baptisms, holidays, and birthday parties too. Mexico City has a thousand different reasons for flowers every day.

Visiting any public market has its rewards, but the Flower Markets are especially good at evoking the ephemeral, the whimsical, and that which was never meant to be but a few moments. And flower markets specialize in just such things.

If you've not visited one of Mexico City's Flower Markets, the listings below should help you to find the one nearest to you. If you've got to travel, you can bet your destination is going to be flowering with rewards when you finally get there.

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