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Art Museums

Mexico City's art museums are among the most well-attended museums in the City. And there are more than a few. From rich contemporary art, to historical collections, and even the homes and studios of important artists, there's something for everyone.

While we've gone out of our way to present all of the most important, below you'll also find obscure and specialized institutions. A few are so specialized we're not sure what category to put them in.

But as the Cultural Capital of the Americas, Mexico City has a lot going on. International visitors flock, while they're here, to see the many private galleries we've also listed.

These change from neighborhood to neighborhood, but among the most prominent are those in:

There's no end to the Mexico City Art and Cultural scene. Some of the finest exhibitions you'll see are also in neighborhood and local cultural centers. We're also doing out best to do right by them. There are a lot of neighborhoods, and a lot of culture. Many of these smaller cultural centers have grown into important institutions doing every bit as much work as the City's most prominent art museums.

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