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Alameda Central Area

The Alameda Central in Mexico City is not only the oldest city park in the Americas. It is in the center of one of the most prosperous corners of the Metropoli. Two of the four original neighborhoods of the old San Juan Tenochtitlán, Santa María Cuepopan, y San Juan Moyotlan are within easy walking distance.

But the listings below are even closer. They are intended to let you start from the Alameda or the Palacio de Bellas Artes. Those are the to points where international visitors are most likely to be. In addition, the surroundings are rich in sights, sounds and places to visit; Eat, savor and enjoy!

Some sites are suitable for those with children and some stay open late, even for trend seekers and their countercultural friends. Explore the list below to see the entire Alameda Central area.

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