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Condesa and Roma

Condesa and Roma Visitors Guide

La Condesa and Roma need very little by way of description. Long the most-visited by international guests, they're some of the neighborhoods that have historically welcomed visitors from all over the world and continue to do so.

The Roma - Condesa area is generally divided north-south by Avenida Insurgentes, with only a part of Roma Norte to the west of Insurgentes. Most of Roma is to the east.

Along the way, the Avenida Álvaro Obregón is among the most important thoroughfares.

But there's still a world of things to see and do even while simply enjoying these neighborhoods. Both Roma and Condesa have some of the city's hottest art galleries. That's in addition to tree-lined streets, endless restaurants, and plenty of parks and plazas. Any Condesa and Roma Visitors Guide should give you at least that much to go on.

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