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Metro Ferrería / Arena Ciudad de México


How to get here


Santa Catarina Atzacualco

Nearest at 0.20 kms.

Santo Tomás Tlamatzingo

Nearest at 0.65 kms.

Mercado Rastro de Ferrería

Nearest at 0.66 kms.

Santas Alitas

Nearest at 1.8 kms.

Recomendado por CANIRAC


Nearest at 2.9 kms.

Recomendado por CANIRAC


Metro El Rosario

Last stop on Metro lines 6 and 7, Rosario is the only surface level station on either line.

Metro Tezozómoc

A curiously under-utilized station, it's your front door on the park and the beloved neighborhood market.

Metro UAM Azcapotzalco

As curious as central Azcapotzalco itself, the Metro Station of the same name honors the UAM in the area.

Metro Norte 45

On the salt flats outside the nearly forgotten Magadalena de las Salinas, today it's the Rose of the Winds.

Metro Vallejo

Storied Vallejo is more than just an industrial zone, much less a Metro. Here we've scratched the surface.

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